HELLO! I’m Kaila, and the fact that you’re here, on MY website, looking at MY pictures, already makes me love you! My pictures are my art, and I love to share them with people who cherish the emotions the same way I do. My passion for photography began during my travels, where I realized that the pictures I took told a story about each individual I photographed.  I seriously cannot wait to meet you!  I’ll be your biggest fan on your big day, your go-to friend for advice, and the girl sitting next to your weird drunk uncle to keep him quiet during the reception.

Kaila is amazing! Her pictures are beautiful & she has a real eye for detail. Her prices are extreamly reasonable too. She helped to make my wedding day special and I will treasure the photos that she took forever. She was also very professional and caring. I cannot say enough good things about her.

Melissa M.

Kaila was more than we could have asked for on our wedding day. She made sure every detail was captured, and was my right hand throughout the day. She connected with my family and friends and made my day so relaxing and enjoyable. Her photographs made us speechless. She captured our day exactly as we imagined it. I couldn’t have imagined my day without her!

Jennifer S.

There will never be a day like your wedding day. That’s why I go the extra mile to make sure things are camera ready. No guests with thier iphone in the isle, no fly away hairs – just pure romance. Of course we can assume the inevitable, but that’s why there are bobbypins.

Wouldn’t it be kinda cool to know falling in love is helping people in need? Ten percent of every wedding package goes toward doing just that.

A big part of what has made my business what it is has been traveling all over the world, meeitng people in all walks of life, and capturing them in thier day-to-day life. I didn’t want that to end once I went full time with KSP Photography.

Every year, KSP Photography will partner with an organization to fill a need of theirs and capture thier ministry in action! Stay tuned for this year’s partnership. 

 Looking for someone to capture your big moment?  Let’s meet over coffee and dream it up. Whether you are having an intimate wedding in the Bahamas, eloping on the Himalayas, or having a backyard wedding at the farm where your grandparents got married. Adventuring is in my blood- like I told my husband when we got married that if I wasn’t able to feed the adventurous side of my spirit, I didn’t know if I could get married.  I want to tell your love story (wherever it is in the world).