Hey There,
Beautiful Human

Dog Mom.
Jesus Lover.  
Ohio Dweller.
World Traveler. 
Panera Obsessor. 
Anthropologie Wonderer. 
Taco Conoisseur.

I'm Kaila

 If there’s one thing I’ve learned this far in life, it’s that we were made to connect. Connecting brings life. My favorite connections tend to play in my head as snapshots- the elderly woman in India collecting money at the temple gates, the boy I played “monos” with in the Dominican every morning, the school girls I played teeter-totter with in rural Swaziland, or the boat we took to fisherman’s village in Honduras. When I think back on these times in my life, I see something like a scrapbook, flipping each page until I find the image I’m looking for. That is what I fell in love with.

of all the places you could be...

…a big part of me knows you’re here for a reason: to connect.

My Philosophy

What I truly want to serve you with are photographs that transport you back to the feeling you had in the moment they were taken. Those moments that are unplanned and unposed- like when you're announced for the first time. Where you aren't necessarily thinking, but you're FEELING. Of course you'll get details and family shots (the ones for grandma!), but I want you to experience the connection while I take care of the rest.  

 I seriously cannot wait to meet you! I’ll be your biggest fan on your big day, your go-to friend for advice, and the girl sitting next to your drunk uncle to keep him quiet during the reception.