My Wedding Day Secrets

On my way to your big day…

I’ll eat: a can of pizza pringles 

I’ll listen to my favorite pump up song: Cinderella Man by Eminem

I’ll stop by atleast 3: Starbucks to order a peppermint mocha frappe and passion fruit lemonaid

In my bag you’ll probably find…

  • A bag of xtra cheddar goldfish
  • A velvet hair scrunchie
  • Chocolate covered espresso beans

My favorite thing to see during a wedding

  • Florals Galore

During your reception…

You’ll see me dancing in the corner with a cupcake in one hand and my camera in the other

When I leave your wedding…

I’ll call my husband to tell him I love him, and get a watermelon slush from sonic

Life in Photographs

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