Hey There, Beautiful People

of all the places you could be…

…a big part of me knows you’re here for a reason: to meet me. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this far in life, it’s that we were made to connect. Connecting brings life. One of the most exciting things for me is being able to capture that somehow. There are billions (literally) of connections in our head. My favorite connections tend to play in my head as snapshots- the elderly woman at the door of a temple in India collecting money to watch over shoes, the boy I played “monos” with in the Dominican every morning, the school girls I played teeter-totter with in rural Swaziland, or the boat we took to the fisherman’s villiage in Honduras. When I think back on these times in my life, I see something like a scrapbook, flipping each page until I find the image I’m looking for. That is what I fell in love with. I fell in love with the people I see in my images, and continue to do so when I pull those actual pictures up on my computer.

why do you do what you do? 

My 2017 was spent going around to people of all different job types and asking them why they chose that job. The answer I got from every single one of them? Because they wanted to help people, and they felt like their job allowed them to do that best. For those who don’t know me, I started photography full time after my fifth year in pharmacy school. I’d travel all over doing medical missions, but there was one problem: I found myself wanting to take pictures more than I did anything else. I couldn’t wait for breaks where I could snag my camera and capture the people and the culture. Most of them never having seen a camera before, I have pictures with some of the biggest smiles. I’ve never heard such genuine laughter as from kids who saw their first selfie. There’s something about a lens that brings light and life to everything on the other side of it. It can be the smallest object, but with the right lighting it’s curves can bring such artistry.

So why did I decide to make my job running around for eight hours and capturing the most emotionally charged day of someones life? Because that’s how I connect. Capturing that beauty through a lens brings me the same emotion that the client on the other side is feeling. I get to look back through those pictures and see new moms, lovers, families, and great grandparents overjoyed with the love they get to experience in that moment- and I feel it too. There’s a certain level of trust for someone to let you capture that, and I’m priveledged that I would be chosen to be let in.

back to the basics

I realize I haven’t formally introduced myself. To be honest it’s because I’d rather you see the heart behind what I do instead of just seeing me. The name of my business comes from my first and middle name. Kaila, my first name, was chosen by my parents because they thought I was going to be a boy, so it was close to their boy name, “Kalen”. “Sarene” came from my mom’s grandma Sarah, and I just like it because it’s unique. It’s pronounced like the common word “serene”, which I truly strive to be. As my home page mentioned, I married my husband in August of 2017, so I am also a newlywed! We got our goldendoodle, Bokeh, a few months later. I’d like to say I’m normally pretty chill. My down time usually involves editing with a cup of coffee in my hand. When I’m not editing, I’m practicing calligraphy and watercolor while listening to G-Eazy and Eminem.  All of this to say, I’d most definately be the girl that your family and friends love to talk to, your bridesmaids and groomsmen want to dance with, and your kids want to use as a jungle-gym.

Family has always been important to me. My parents taught me how to talk to anyone, no matter their background. Since I was a kid, we loved to open our home to guests, sit down around the table, share life and play games. Family extended past the common definition to those we held dear to our hearts. My philosophy about my job tends to be similar. I hold clients close to my heart- cheering through their success and mourning in their loss. I like to build relationships with my clients that go past the hello and goodbye of the job. My favorite clients are those I get to capture in life stages, and my hope as I continue in photography are to have clients that I get to capture at birth, at graduation, at their wedding, and eventually with their families.


what’s in the bag?

Every new camera brings an exciting opportunity to learn. Every lens brings a new perspective. I understand this field makes me a life-long student, constantly sharpening my pencil to be ready for the next exam. I am a natural light photographer, which basically means I use the light the good Lord provided. For extreme low light scenarios I do have a speed light, but it doesn’t come out too often. I’ve upgraded my equipment to be a top of the line professional compilation. This means that I have a lens for every occasion- portraits, wide angle, macro, zoom, and every day lenses- all being professional quality to provide the best results. I shoot with a Nikon D4s because it’s known to be one of the sharpest and highest quality professional cameras in it’s class. I also come with a “tool kit” of styling items to show off your details and accessories.


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